Tuesday, November 25


I called to CHLA today. Reason for my call was Lumbar Puncture results. SO far it looks good, BUT , I was told that there is one more person who has to look at them and write a signature that it is all CLEAR. SO we are hoping , there will be no change tomorrow.

Also, Reginas oncologist called late last night. We know that he is strongly against surgery, because it is not easy surgery. He also advised us to think again . Because surgery may bring more bad than good, AND if surgery buys us only 5 more months instead of 6-8 weeks. It could take reginas mobility away completely, IT Could make her blind, IT could take her speech away, She could die and instead of 2 months we only get 2 minutes..
He also told us some great guestions to ask Dr Loudon.( ( reginas surgeon). We have been playing phone tag past 2 days. Hopefuly we get a hold of him soon. )

REGINA is doing great:)
Love ,
Tan Family...

AND I am wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving. We have lot to be thankful this year.
What are you thankful for?


Kathy said...

I'm thankful for my great friends and family.

Hoping y'all have a good Thanksgiving.

Heather Bagwell said...

Know that you are ALL in my thoughts and prayers! There is always a reason to hope for a miracle!!! Stay stong and know others are thinking and praying!

Lots of hugs and love! Heather (in SC)

Leah said...

Praying and hoping always