Tuesday, November 4

Happiest place on earth..

After Receiving pretty disturbing news earlier today, I decided that I am going to take kids to Disneyland for couple of hours.
We went there 3pm. I AM SO GLAD WE DID IT. Disneyland was awesome today. NO LINES nowhere( well, most waiting we did was 5 minutes). We did 5 rides and then just walked around.
I wish I had left Gabriel home, because all i heard was whining and complaining. I know he needs attention, but behaving this way , he only gets "bad" attention from me.

Tomorrow ( wednesday ) We will spend some fun time in CHLA... VIsiting doctors, getting chemo, --- you know, same old same old... Kind of what our life has been past few years....

Also-- Notice to my neighbors ( who have dogs).... PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS CRAP IN MY FRONT LAWN!!! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! OR IF YOU DO, clean up after your 4 legged friend. I have enough "crap" in my life right now, and feel no desire to clean after yours...


Anonymous said...

I hate to give false hope, but have you heard of Cytotron? My coworker's friend recently went to India for the procedure. Maybe you could share your MRI with Dr. Sibia and see if he feels he can help.


Nancy said...

After reading the previous comment, I would think I would try anything right now. One never knows....wouldn't hurt to look into it. I just hate that such a beautiful little girl has to go through cancer. So nice that you took them to Disney for the day! You're a good mom, I can see that!

(((((( HUGS ))))))