Wednesday, November 19


So, What's up world? Any news?

I do have some news for you. Nothing SUPER exiting, but still.
We saw Reginas Surgeon Dr. Loudon last week. He told us... WITH aggressive surgery and gamma knife combination there are some things he can do.BUT with side effects.. (Right side weakness, loss of speach, or even death- IF surgery goes extremely wrong. Right now Surgery is our only option to buy more time to be with her.

Today we went to see Dr . Dhall and to get Chemo. WELL, We did not get chemo, but saw Dr. Dhall. HE is worried about surgery and it's side effects. He told me that IF we know and are willing to accept those side effects, then we should proceed with surgery. BUT we have to have an agreement between us and Reginas neurosurgeon, to make sure he respects our wishes , and does not go ALL THE WAY, because too agressive surgery can have devastating side effects..

WHY we did not have chemo. WE WANT TO HAVE SURGERY. AND Dr Dhall believes that it is safer to stop AVASTIN and VP-16 righ now, because Reginas body has to recover from chemo, and her counts have to be up during surgery to prevent bleeding..etc, and other side effects. BUT, it also means cancer gets chance to grow.
WITHIN this 2 week period we have to get Lumbar puncture done, to make sure there are no cancer cells swimming around in her spine. IF THEY ARE, it means, We are done. NO surgery,, jsut waiting for the end... SO we are hoping that spine is clean ( FINGERS CROSSED).
ALSO we have to get PET scan done . Hopefully soon.
PET scan, is a type of nuclear medicine imaging

Till then, we just have to sit tight and hope things do not take worse turn.....:)

PS. Regina is doing great and feeling pretty good:)



Old Lady Lincoln said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, thinking happy thoughts and praying a lot that all goes well for Regina and her family. So much to happen at the busiest time of year for the family. But this is way more important than anything else at the moment. Give Regina and Gabriel big hugs from the Lincoln's.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
I have read your blog from time to time and just want to say an old woman in Oregon is praying for your family and your beautiful girl. I am so sorry this terrible thing has happened to a sweet child.
Canby, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Dear Diana,
we all keep our fingers crossed here in Chicago and sending our best thoughts to your way. Big Hugs to Regina!
The Cutlers

Steph said...

I'm thinking about you all....