Friday, November 7


( Actor Perry King Clapping on background)

Great event:)
Ride For Kids Celebrated 25 years of good deeds , giving out awards to those who well deserve it :)


Kathy said...

I love that dress of Regina's.

Gabriel's tie looks like it will still fit him when he's 15.

I got one for Sean like that once. I didn't realize the kids ties came in different lengths.

Who tied it? I can't tie a tie to save my life.


Nancy said...

Regina looks darling in pink! They look very close in age...are they? The Ride for Kids' pics are great! Sounds like a wonderful organization.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Anonymous said...

I have to say only one thing, Diana, tell me honestly , how many guys there were asking your phonenumber? Because you look AMAZING!!! Regina must be very happy to have mommy like u:)))) But also I know all the sad part your life...i've lost my family over the night....but there is alwyas an hope.