Wednesday, September 3

Not sure what is going on.

I know you all have been patiently waiting Reginas MRI update.
All I can say is we have to go to CHLA on friday to discuss Reginas MRI. Dr. Dhall emailed me and told us that There are two or three small nodules that are more prominent this time, and he could not reach the person who did spectroscopy to see if those areas are consistent with tumor progression or scarring still.

We are hoping it is scarring... but to think back about Reginas headaches in Estonia, and her head hurting during take offs and landings.... I do not know what to think right now... It will be tough couple of days. Please hope for the best .


Kathy said...

Did they do MRS as well as MRI, or just MRI?

I'm sorry today's results weren't more conclusive.

Lennuk said...

Oh, Diana. I will hope for the best!!! I hope that Friday will find you with the good news!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

You'll be receiving our prayers.