Saturday, September 27

Fun Saturday:)

TOday was a great day. We went to Riley' Farm. Well, it is fall, but sadly we do not feel like it is fall. IT is HOT and humid. So, we drowe 81 miles to Oak Glen to find it... Weather there was even hotter. BUT nature was beautiful :) Regina and Gabriel had fun picking apples. And overall it was great quality time spent together as a family :) For a minute I even forgot about all our problems...

Tomorrow we have plans to go Tattoo Expo... Yeah, 4 of us will get matching And in afternoon we got Tickets to Playhouse Disney Live show In Long Beach.

BTW, Regina had doctors visit. Just 9 year well check.. She is doing great. She is on 25th procentile on her weight and Height. So she is not doing that bad:) She up do date with her vaccinations. Looks and feels great :):):)

Anyway, I will add ALL of our todays pictures into our Family album.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

What a wonderful family outing. Glad you four were able to take it and spend time together. That is so nice. Love to you all.

B said...

When my girls were little, we went to Riley's Farm and picked apples and then the girls got to press apples and make their own cider. It was so much fun. That is a great place to go for a family outing and also a great way to get away from the problems for a few hours. So glad you guys were able to have that time together to just relax and enjoy yourselves. You all deserve it. Regina is still in my prayers, and I am believing God to bring her thru this next round of treatments victoriously!