Wednesday, September 17

getting ready For Reginas Birthday.

WOHOOOO!!! My girl is turning 9 on friday. I mentioned this before, but I talk about it anyway. Regina was born on 09/19/99 and now she is turning 9... Lots of nines... i think it is very cool.
We are having party her on 21st, and it will be in Wowzville Fairyland. and if you click rooms, there is one of the rooms Fairyland. It is really beautiful place, and Regina can't wait till Sunday :):):)
My favorite part about it is- I DO NOT HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER 14 kids :):):) and I do not have to cook, and worry that kids get hurt. Everything is taken care off by Wowzville wonderful staff :) .

And of course I love buying stuff for goody bags. It is so much fun :):)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like it's going to be one big party. Lots of fun in store for them all. Tell Regina, oldladylincoln said Happy Birthday. Our Granddaughter will be 9 in March. Her and her Mom are going to come live with us for about six months or so

liina said...

Happy birthday to your courageous little girl!

Nancy said...

I never heard of wowzville, but will be sure to check out their site. You planned such a great party for Regina! Wish I lived closer as I would have loved to have been a little fly on the wall. Bet it was a lot of fun for her and all of her friends. Again, you are such an AWESOME mom!!!

(I think I finally got caught up where I had left off before. But would love to keep reading back to the very beginning someday!)

(((((( HUGS ))))))