Wednesday, September 24

Chemo day..

Regina had a gread Birthday party. Dress up, interactive story, cake , pizza , friends.. It was very cute party:)

And then - today was CHLA and Chemo, and Dr. Dhall. Regina did pretty well with her chemo.
We added new Chemo drug, Irinotecan into her Chemo mix . She never had this combination before, so we are not sure how well these 3 drgus work together - Temodar, Irinotecan and Avastin. Of course we are hoping for the best results ever, but we have to be realistic here.

Reginas platelets dropped a lot since 2 weeks ago. Form 110 000 to 73 000. It is a drastic drop. Also, Regina is little sick, which contributed to her low platelet count. IF her platelets fall below 70 000 by next week, then we have to reduce temodar chemo ( not happy about it, but we have to ). So , if you are asking where we are now, then know that I do not know. Just live day at a time, and hope tomorrow is another wonderful day , filled with stress and unsertanty what happens day after tomorrow... ugh.. hate it.
Of course we are not happy what Dr. Dhall had to tell us about "future", but we have to cope with it. SO , DO NOT ASK...


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope all goes well for Regina and her family. My prayers are with you.

I like your new layout and design you are using.

Terri said...

BIG HUGS Diana!!