Friday, September 5

I wish I could tell you good news..

.. .but I still can't tell you how bad things really are. The bigger spot that you can see was present last time, and has grown only 2 mm , which is good, since it is slow growing. those 2 tiny ones were not present in May 20th 2008, and are also slow growing. So this is good. At least it is not aggressive .
We have to go back on Wednesday for more scans ( MRspectroscopy of this tumor).
RI Spectroscopy (MRS)

MRI Spectroscopy (MRS) is a special technique used for characterization of the biochemistry of tumors, infarcts, and other pathology.

MRS is used to obtain information about chemical composition. MRS measurements are commonly made on chemical samples and tissues. In animals and humans a number of chemical concentrations can be obtained over a period of time. From this information, rates of change in specific metabolites can be determined.

MRS is useful for demonstrating aspects of physiology such as tumor aggressiveness and anaerobic metabolism.( FROM WWW)

Anyway, we still have slight hope that this is NOT tumor growing back, but very likely it is. We already discussed what are our options IF it is tumor... and this time there are not much available.

Of course I do have one good news. After we got home from CHLA today, i got a phone call from St Jude office here in Orange county. They gave us tickets to go to see WALKING WITH DINOSAURS in opening night in Staples center on September 25th 7PM. I am so exited. PS. Funny thing is I was just talking with my good friend about showing Reginas scans to our St Jude doctor. Maybe it is a sign.......:)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I'll be praying even harder. So happy you and Regina were able to make your trip back to your homeland.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Love the photos, but I didn't see anyplace to leave a comment so I'm leaving it here.

Gabriel's eyes makes him look surprised. Little Regina's eyes look sad to me. Now you need a nice photo of the four of you.

Have a wonderful relaxing week-end.

Denise Martin said...

So sorry about the MRI results. I will be praying that those spots are just scarring.

Layla said...

Love the essence of Gabriel and Regina's eye photos.

My prayers are with Regina always!!!

Lennuk said...

It hurts my heart to hear these spot news.
I wish the things could go to the other direction! I just can't believe how much stress life gives you!
Yes, show the scans to St. Jude doc!

Harry McLaughlin said...

Praying for all the best for Regina and for you and your family.

Take care,

Kathy said...

We're holding out good thoughts for Regina's MRS today.

Highland MOPS said...

I'm continually praying for Regina