Friday, June 29


Today is Firday, june 29th. Regina is doing awesome. She watches Curious gorge right now and is drinking her herbal "stuff". She actually like warm herbal tea .
and we hope to go to see Ratatoulle today or sometimes tomorrow. She really wants to see it , so we have to take her. Gabriel on other hand. He hates going to movies, he rather go to Playmates and play computer games... What a weird young man.

Now about SUNDAY!!!!

I know my friends are doing AWESOME job organizing and planning,, but how do you really plan celebration like this- It will be one huge unorganized mess with unorganized activities on one warm sunday night. Little bit about it.

People probably start arriving around 3.30 So park is probably been set up for that event. Tables for food, drinks, who has "portable roofs" eazy ups I am guessing can grab those and set them up . Take picnic blankets so you can sit on something .

5 pm prompt- I will tell you more about Regina and how you can help us.. I know question in everybody's mid is - HOW CAN I HELP?

Then after my speech we will do balloon release. Since we do not have microphones- I guess I have to start using my loud voice....

Also, I would love if everybody does not get upset if Regina does not want to talk to them or is way to tired . SHE just had brain surgery and this is her second one. and she has tumors all over her left frontal lobe . She acts and looks normal and healthy but there is much more behind it. And time to time she also has tiny memory problems and emotional bursts.

We want people to just come to this Celebration even and celebrate that they are still here alive.

And hope for a miracle , Of course. ;)


Wednesday, June 27

Celebrating Regina.

This upcoming Sunday, June 1st we are having a party for Regina. My good friends are helping me out, planning everything and doing everything they can, so Regina can have fun Sunday afternoon, just hanging out with old friends, and making new friends. Celebration Party is open to everyone who wants to join and celebrate life.
Party takes place next to Reginas school ( Laguna Niguel Elementary). There is one park , and if you come, you know exactly where to go, because Balloons will give it away.
School address is- 27922 Niguel Heights Boulevard
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
If you get lost, give me a call (949)290 6958 and I try to guide you to right direction. I promise , I do my best.... ;)

Also... People have asked us, what they can do to help us, should they bring presents, should they bring nothing, how can they impress Regina. My honest suggestion to you is. YOU do not have to bring presents, right now presents do not matter. . We will set up donations box, because we feel like it is more important than million teddy bears just hanging around. Money will go towards finding Regina some kind of cure... Or if doctors find , there is really nothing much they can do to make her life longer, then money will go towards her funeral fund. I swear, I am NOT going to Nordstrom to shop....

Also, Sundays party, that starts 4 pm is- Eat Healthy , live happy kind of party. It is possible to have a good party without Pizza and Coke . So if you feel like bringing anything to snack, or eat, Please Remember- Low calorie, low fat, non processed foods, no or very low preservitives, no SMG. Bring grilled broiled or boiled, or baked...or fresh Organic fruits and Vegetables. Non carbonated drinks .. No artificial sweeteners used.... etc. OF course, we do not turn any kind of food away, but we just want to make party as healthy as possible because we do not want to feed Reginas living cancer cells ... they deserve to die....

See you all on Sunday 4 PM, and if you have questions email me at



++Photographers Needed ;););)

Wednesday, june 27th, 2007 . Update.

Our Family 5 minutes before surgery, june 22nd, Also GABRIELs 6th birthday.

(june 24th, 2007)
(Regina, Tuesday, june 26, 2007)

Pathology report confirmed- Recurrent PNET. I have been been reading records today, and more I read more it hits me. There is really nothing much doctors can do and all we do is hope for a miracle. I also have been staring reginas brain scans and i am still in disbelief. Her left frontal lobe looks completely messed up, picture is devastating, but REGINA acts and looks very normal and aware what is going on. day after her surgery she was ready to give up. We saw it in her eyes. She was just done fighting. She was limp and tired and not ready to fight. But today she is completely opposite. She woke up smiling, happy, singing silly songs, making up songs, laughing , making stupid jokes and laughing out loud. She also told Nick that she does not want to become angel yet. She wants to grow up to be big girl ...... Is it possible??

nick has been working hard all day today gathering information about different kinds of medications and treatment plans.

There is NO cure for her right now, but there is possibility to make her live longer few months. Oncologists believe that since her type of tumor is very aggressive , fast growing, there is possibility that it may also respond fast to chemo. We are considering some kind of chemo, but nothing very toxic. I do not want her to suffer as much she did during St Jude chemo. So hopefully we can start with something on monday. Again guys. There is not much doctors tell us. They are also refusing to talk about " numbers" , survival rates. And emphasize telling us- THERE IS POSSIBILTY to make her live 4-5 months longer.
We were told that without treatment she would not live to see September. But would it not be cool if she could live to be at least 8 years old??

ALSO!!!! THANK YOU TO YOU ALL WHO HAVE EMAILED ME, CALLED US, SENT CARDS, GIFTS TO REGINA, WELL WISHES, ENCOURAGING WORDS, BROUGHT DINNER, SENT PRINCESS TO REGINAS ROOM, EMAILED US INFORMATION ABOUT ALTERNATIVE MEDS, T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!! Your support means lot to us, and know, even thought I do not respond right away, I appreciate everything you do . We try to spend as much time together as family and I may not answer your emails and calls in timely matter.

AND our house is always open to you guys. If you feel like coming over to see us, do not think twice. Only rule will be- you have to self serve this time ;) If I feel like I may make something nice to you , but do not be hopeful...

ALSO. May I ask one huge favor from you :) I may sound rude and selfish, and maybe i really am... But I have to say it. Over these past few days Regina has received whole bunch of cute and cuddly toys. I swear , they are CUTEST TOYS EVER... But I have very hard time with this. All I could think about is- what happens to these toys after she passes away??? I am one of those persons that can not throw things away,... everything will be reminding her positive way, but how much is to much??? You know what I mean... I am not STOPPING you for doing this, and I know that every time she receives something it brings a smile to her face. Oh, she is so But oh well, it is ALL about her right now, so... I just have to find a way to deal with it...

So guys... Far and close, tall and short... stay tuned. It is very hard time for us, every morning we wake up and she is here with us, makes us cry happy tears, every night we fall asleep, we cry because we just celebrate another successful day. May there be another 50 years full of successful mornings and evenings....

Saturday, June 23


Regina reading. Few hours before her surgery...

My dear friends. My eyes are filled with tears, and my heart is bleeding.
Our beautiful daughter Reginas Cancer is back, and this time it is worse than ever. I took her to ER on june 21st. On june 22nd she had surgery to remove one Of her tumor. Since her brain is covered with 40 something tumors right now, there is nothing much doctors can do. Please hope for miracle and pray for her . We all need prayers right now. doctors and nurses are doing all their best they can, but sadly , there is nothing much they can do right now.
Regina is on steroids, seizure meds, painkillers etc. But all through this she keeps smiling. I have not heard a single complain from her. She remains strong, but we can see that she is ready to give up. She is tired of fighting. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH. IT IS UNREAL HOW UNFAIR IT IS. NO CHILD DESERVES THIS . NO PARENT SHOULD FEEL PAIN WE FEEL RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes in Next week, we will take her home and make her feel as comfy as possible. 2 months is not enought. I do not want her to leave,.. she is our baby, she is our Star. SHE IS OUR PRINCESS FOREVER!!!!!



CA 92677

YOU CAN ALSO REACH US BY CALLING (949)916 5098 OR MY CELL (949)290 6958
I can't promise I'll return your calls, but know you all thinking about us and praying and sending good thoughts to her way , helps a lot.

Friday, June 15

My kids!!!

Regina and her Teacher Mrs Miller:)

PICTURES!!!! Aren't they gorgeous ???
It is unbelievable to me that school year is almost over. What happened??? gabriel will be done with Kindergarten and Regina will be done with First grade.
I enrolled Gabriel is K+ ( YMCA program) , where she spent 3 hours every day, until Reginas school was done. They had very cute party today. Our favorite k+ teacher Emily celebrated her birthday ( BTW, Today was my brothers 22nd bday ) and There was little K+ graduation party for kindergartners. It was really sweet :)

I am glad that first grade is over for Regina, but I am scared for second grade. Homework time is very frustrating with Regina, and I heard that second grade has A LOT of homework, .. not sure how we are going do deal with those issues.....
( We are goofy "kids")
But here are few pics...

Thursday, June 14


It started suddenly, it ended suddenly. She woke up today completely different person- DEMANDING FOR FOOD. Her energy levels are back to normal. She has NOT vomited today, or acted tired.
Gabriel is doing fine. Just calling Regina BIG BABY. And of course that will make Regina cry. And she will chase gabriel and beat his "ass", and then Gabriel runs after regina and Pulls her hair- ( or what's left of it), Regina runs around screaming- GABRIEL IS kILLING mE, , Me looking surprised and confused same time because I can't figure out- eater "spank" them, or laugh at them... But I just decided to tune out and listen to my iPod..

So, sorry guys for making you worried. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. It was hellova 2 days....

Wednesday, June 13

Very stressful day.

Past few days Regina has been feeling down. She did mention me couple of days ago that she had a headache, but I thought she told me that because she did not want to school, since there are 2 girls that make fun of her sometimes ( so she tells me). she has lied to me before about her headaches, so this time it was hard for me to believe.

Then , last night around 2.15 AM. I hear this sad voice- "Mommy, my head is feeling really full. I really want to throw up... And she did..... And she has vomited constantly up to now. Every 45 minutes or so. :( she can't keep anything down. NOTHING!!!! Now she is sleeping .

I just hope that it is passing thing and she feels good tomorrow. Just keep your fingers crossed that she ate something bad....

Sunday, June 3

Just intersting fact.

I was searching for jobs for summer, and while browsing McDonalds website ( yes, I am considering McDonalds ;) I found this.....

In 1995, the $1 million Monopoly winner anonymously mailed the winning game piece to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. McDonald's overcame rules prohibiting transfer of game pieces by donating $1 million to St. Jude.

And tomorrow is June 4th, 2007. Another important date for us... I know Imentioned it last year , around same time.. But I do it again... June 4th was day full of anxiety for us. We were told that Reginas brain tumor was malignant, but good thing was that it is not the worst type of tumor.... ( yeah, like that was supposed to calm us down or something ). So there you go... I am flooded with june 4th, 2004 memories again. Not a good feeling.
have you seen those movies when something bad is told to a person, and then all that person hears is those "bad words". She hears nothing else, background sounds, are all blurr, other things that people are telling are blurrr.... just one blurr, and then that persong gets back to reality and asks-- WHAT, did you say..... huh,,, -- that is how I felt when I was told what was going on... I think I am still walking around in a blurr, sometimes more, sometimes less. I still can not believe that something like that could have happened to my girl