Tuesday, December 6

Oh my

Good old times. This pic is taken last year , when we had our"vacation" from St Jude. For a while I thougth I have to 2 girls, because all gabriel wanted was to wear dresses. Now, more than year later he is little better. He still likes to dress up as princess, but not everyday. Now it is more like once in couple of weeks. lol

Everything is going pretty well with us. Kids miss their dad very much and ask every day when Dad is coming home. I do miss my dh a lot, but only because I need a brake and I do not want to worry about babysitters or parents night out or after school activity places. I miss going to movies and eating in nice restaurants. I miss his clothes on the floor next to dirty laundry basket, I miss cooking for him and I miss his hugs and kisses. ...... I MISS HIM TOO!!!!

There is hope that soon we will reunite again. And hopefully he will stay for at least couple of months. :) Posted by Picasa


lennuk said...

I have been trying to post past couple of days, but did not let me.... ??

Just wanted to mention that it sounded so familiar "his clothes on the floor next to dirty laundry basket" - it's my hubby too! I just love him!

Any news about Nick's visa???

Sleeping Beauty said...

I have the same problem with your comments sometimes. It does not let me post. Must be blogger thing.
Nick got his Sweedish visa. No sign of estonian visa. I also called to Los Angeles passport place. And payd extra 80 dollars to make sure passport gets here on time. So now Reginas passport should be ready next tuesday or wednesday. :D:D:D I'll be in Memphis, but at least I can sleep better knowing it'll be ready on time :D:D:D