Monday, March 29


I miss my man.  I HATE him being away from us on HIS birthday. Birthdays have been THE MOST IMPORTANT "holidays" ever for us,   and ones  that actually mean something. THESE ARE   DATES are not made up by some ST. Nicholas, or Jesus, or   witches... These are ACTUAL DATES we popped out of vagina's .. YES , you heard me right.  hehe..
Anyway, Nick will be 44 on March 31st :D:D:D:D



kaia said...

I'm sure this picture is taken in Estonia :)
Happy upcoming birthday Nick!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Yes it is, December 2005 :D:D:D:D:D:D: Thanks :D

kassmuniz said...

Haha-just don't forget that everyone does not pop out the vagina.

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol.... They don't know what they are