Tuesday, March 23

Oh wow, 3/30  was beautiful day... 6 months since Reginas passing .  Day itself was really , really beautiful. We woke up and headed out to our community Spring party :) Candy, music, food, cupcakes, lots of people :) IT was fun. Also.. 9 years in our community and  within this 9 years we have attended lot of community events. NOT ONCE we won before.. but on 03.30  Gabriel won easter basket with Cars and candy:) ANd we saw cloud heart :) I know Reginas was present in that event. CUPCAKE DECORATING??? ARE YOU FOR REAL??? She can't miss those events. :) ANyway it was awesome sunday :)  and you should have seen Gabriel smile when we won :) HE was soooo happy :)


Joanna Hammond said...

Gabriel is so handsome.

kassmuniz said...

That's funny. I was just thinking that when I saw the second picture of Gabriel.