Sunday, March 28

I want to thank you all my friends who have been here for me and offered their big fat ear  and really listened -- silently:)  I know how hard it is  to listen and not give advise  that may not work. But you managed to do so , and you know who you are :D

We. have couple of really exciting things happening here...  Spring BREAK FOR GABRIEL and ME:) wohoooo.   One week no homework.  ONE WEEK NO WAKING UP 6.15 AM. ONE WEEK OF FRIED SOUTHERN FOOD...Nothing can beat that ??? YES:) We are packing our carry on luggage  and heading to Atlanta, Georgia. Gabriels best friends family lives there, and     I am soooo happy that they invited us  with them to meet S.  Grandparents and uncles and whoever else is there.  I heard that there are lots of chickens and CHicks , so I should feel like I am home.. ( my childhood). And one week of fried foods sound like paradise.  I have not had anything fried for a very very long time.:D:D:D:D:D:D.. Anyway... I am beyond excited. I am  just ready to take this world :)

After that trip, NICK COMES HOME>. Wooo fucking hooooooo.  AND we decided after we got a great recommendation from our next door neighbors, to go to Arizona. We visited Grand canyon once before, but it was before kids. THis time we are taking  Gabriel with us and  we are making  it an adventure.
  We are going to drive there, take train ride, hike, drive back  and enjoy our little family :)(:):):)

 Sure.. during THIS upcoming  spring/ summer we have to find renters to our wonderful  colorful house with awesome view and  location.. Not to mention neighbors ;) WE HAVE THE BEST NEIGHBORS  ever:D

Missing our Princess Regina.. Going to Ice Cream store is painful, GOing to Mall is painful, Going to   Tall Mouse craft store is painful, GOING TO POOOL is very , very  painful.  But I am doing it, because I know she would not want  me to feel sad and  depressed all the time.  I know  she wants me to be best ME ever.  But wherever I go, I carry her with me.  SHe is forever in my Heart. She is constantly in my mind.. ANd I just found out that Gabriel things about her more than I thought he would.

Gabriel has  never been attached to any of his toys, clothes, blankets...  never, ever ever... But past 4 months or so, he can't part of his comforter. He wakes up with it, carries it to our rocking chair, takes it to computer room, takes it to our car. .. eats  lunch dinner and breakfast   being covered with it...  Regina was her security blanket before, ..she liked taking  care of her and being protective of her.. and now he feels very protective of his blanker.:(:(:(:(

I feel so sad for Gabriel :(

I hope you all are having great time and BE YOU :) Don't try to be someone else.   We have enough copycats and  liars . I really want to see MORE YOU people.. " Get Naked" and stop pretending ....



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