Friday, September 4

( September 4th, 1009)

Friday... Not a fun day.. Again, Regina wanted to spend whole day in our bed upstairs. I jokingly told her today, you Regina are very sneaky... DID you just took over MY BED?? her reply- NO MOMMY, THIS IS MY BED NOW ;) For her it was very hard to get those words out. She stumbled and paused few times before she finished.
also , she is hallucinating . She was lying down like always, and suddenly she would smile and start grabbing something.. Not sure what. She grabbed few times and still smiled. SO I started conversation with her.
Regina, are you dreaming? she said yes.
Regina , what are you dreaming about?
I am catching beautiful marbles?
WOW, I told her? What colors are they? Are they beautiful and round?
YES, mommy, they are pretty?
And she would do it few more times and then stop...
To see her do these things hurts. OF course I am hoping that suddenly miracle will happen, she will jump out of bed and say.. WHAT's this fuzz all about ???

Anyway. We tresure those moments she smiles to us, kisses us, hugs us. of course we have to initiate it and ask her if we could hug her or kiss her, because if we do it without her consent, she would still get little upset...:)


The ParTea Planner said...

Diana, Thanks for her update. I check your blog several times a day to see how she is doing. I wish a miracle would happen too.


Patty said...

We all wish a miracle could and would happen. I also check your blog everyday, sometimes twice a day, to see if there's been any new updates.

Give her a big hug and kiss. Sending love to the whole family.

Dymesha Wheeler said...

thinking of you two today. Sending lots of love and kisses

GraceBeading said...

Praying for a miracle and wishing you all strength

Anonymous said...

Many blessings of love and peace to you all. I love her smiles it warms my heart! Pru

Cindy Caster said...

We pray for your family every day.We are always thinking of Regina and admire her strength and courage. She is a beautiful girl.