Wednesday, September 2


We had awesome day today :) it truly was one very happy and special day. I want to thank you all who came and visited with Regina. I want to thank you Risa for Making pancakes, and Xochitl making the prettiest cupcakes ever :). I want to thank you for hugs, smiles, get well wishes and everything you did today :)
Those who came , did have to climb upstairs and wish Regina Happy Birthday, because Regina refused to leave our comfy bed today. She stayed awake all day, PRETENDING she was sleeping. NOT because she did not like her party, but because it takes to much work for her to keep her eyes open, it is to exhausting for her to sit up and chit chat. SHE wants to , trust me she does, but she just cant. :( After everybody left Regina and I had a little talk :) I told her who came to remind her, and she did open her eyes every time I showed her card or a gift she got. I told her that She is LUCKIEST GIRL EVER,.. and she agreed :) She was most excited about money. When I told her that she got some cash, she asked how much and who gave it to her..hahaha silly Regina :)
We also received one very exciting phonecall. Very unexpected.. NOT in million gazillion years would I have thought that REGINA and I would ever get a call from Ryan Seacrest :) OMFG. I think I forgot how to speak English for a minute ... ANyway. Thank to Diane who worked closely with Ken Baker to get this surprise. Original Idea was to get Regina into E studios to meet some people there, but since Regina is not up for a long car ride, ( she cant sit up anymore) :( we had to cancel on that, and luckily Ryan was out of office tomorrow.... SO instead , he made very sweet personal phonecall for us. He did want to talk to Regina, but Regina is not talking to anyone but us :(. She just nods, says hmh, mhm, ok, yes, no and squeezes our fingers. That is what I told Ryan.. And he understood... later I told REgina who called, and she sayd OK. She still remembers Our AI trip year ago :) Yes, it truly was one special day..
another surprise came around 6 o'clock.. Our other neighbors visited us when I was about to start working out in my UNDERWEAR... ANd she always knocks on my door, when I change my clothes, or work out... Talk about good timinig :) hehe
And Reginas best Friend Heather visited... So today Really was REGINAS DAY:)

Regina is trying to fall asleep. SHe gave me THE biggest hug just minutes ago, and laughed when I told her that, IS SHE TRYING TO KILL ME ? LOVE HER :)
Gabriel had a great day also. His friend visited:) and he got to play with him way after everybody left. No Gabriel complains that his body hurts, since he played way to much... haha

Tomorrow( thursday) hospice nurse will come and bring 2 social workes... we must be special case.... ;)

I will upload ALL pict to my album and if you want to get some pics, you can save them full in your computer. If you can't just let me know and I tell you how to do it :).. BUT it may take hours before I get all pics uploaded:)

Many hugs ....
also Thinking about our friend Hudson today who would be 5 years old today
if there were no brain tumors in this world....


Rachel said...

Sounds like an awesome day! I didn't know you used smugmug! My account expired yesterday and I just do not have the $ to renew it. I am so bummed.
Luckily they won't delete photos off my site or close it, but I am not sure when I will be able to pay it.

When I can, I will add you as a friend!

Love you guys!

Rachel in AZ and AK :)

Patty said...

Good morning, so glad Regina and family had a good time. The cupcakes look awesome. I bet they were delicious. And what a special phone call Regina received. Thanks for sharing this with us. Love to Regina and her family.

Anonymous said...

you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. you inspire me.
love to all!

the undomesticated wife said...

I'm glad it was such a great day for everyone. You have some awesome friends around you!

Those cupcakes are beautiful! I'd hate to eat them (but would anyway! ha!).

much love,