Thursday, June 25


THANK you from Gabriel. Thank you for Sending him birthday cards, and coming over to wish him happy birthday, Thank you for gifts and balloons :) Thank you for Making my special boys birthday extra special.
Today Gabriel and Nick are going to CHINA. We have been hugging gazzillion times today:)

Regina is also sad that Daddy and Gabriel are leaving. :( We were supposed to go to LA to see My Sisters keeper preview today, but Regina is coughing and has runny nose, and she told me she does not feel like doing so. That's ok. We are going to local theater whenever Regina feels like seeing this movie.

(( Lots of love))))


Patty said...

I hope and pray Gabriel and his Daddy have a safe trip to China and while there. Hope and pray little Regina gets over the sniffles soon. I've been seeing the movie advertised for theaters around here.
Sending my best to all of you.

Anonymous said...


I went to see My Sister's Keeper tonight and I saw Regina in the movie reading a book! She is GORGEOUS! She is a SUPERSTAR! We all love her very much! :)


Sleeping Beauty said...

:D COOL:) I remember that scene. Director was repeating all the time, look , read, change pages, more pages, faster, slower, heheh. Most likely REgina and I are going to see it tomorrow ( IF we don't have to go to CHOC for platelets or blood )

Kathy said...

Regina was in the background when Kate was throwing up in the clinic, and that one closeup of her face in the beginning...

I hope you get to see it soon.