Thursday, June 18

SCHOOL IS OUT :):):) AAAAHHHHHHHHH THANK you all for your continuous support and love :) Thank you for Remembering REgina in your daily thougts, prayers, chants.. etc. You guys are THE BEST :) PS. REgina has big plans for her 10th birthday. YES, she is already planning and making quest list.. :) Silly REgina:)

It has been few days since I last posted. SO I thought I will let you know what is up around here.
FIRST, THANK you for sending Gabriel cards. HE got 2 today:) YOU should have seen his face when i told him GABRIEL YOU GOT MAIL. HE COULD not believe it. HE said are you sure it is for me.. AND when he opened it he just smiled biiiiig :)

Regina- Um, few issues here and there. We stopped her steroids last week. She was doing fine for 3 days without them, but then 2 days ago she was not using her right hand again, and was limping very badly :( , and also started sleeping more. aaahhh. SO I emailed Dr .Dhall and he agrees and Regina just needs steroids..
Can you imagine... SHE even started writing with her left hand using computers mouse etc. So back on steroids 1/4 mg per day. It seemed doing wonders with her.
Also her platelets have been low past few days. We are going to choc on Friday morning again, and then monday, wednesday, Friday for labs. Lot of driving but whet else can I do :) I love hanging out in hospital lobbys, waiting areas, seeing other families. It is kind of weird, but normal for us.:) I wish I saw you guys more often also :) Reginas COunts in general are good, so she is ok to play with friends, just platelets are our issue here :)


Patty said...

Hope all goes well. Good she is planning her next birthday, that's a good sign. Hang in there. Hope Gabriel has a great Birthday.

Patty said...

By the way, that cotton candy looks delicious.

Sleeping Beauty said...

:D:D:D IT WAS delicious.:) We had Mad Science party for Gabriel and Mad Scientist made cotton candy for everyone:)

Patty said...

Tell Gabriel to go here to look at an e-card to open on his birthday the 22nd. Copy and paste in your browser.

Anonymous said...

Wish you best of luck with Regina's health.

Here is a beautiful animated ecard of hope.