Saturday, June 13

Chemo, counts and more.

Oh, this round of oral chemo+ IV vincristine has been completed. Now we have to wait for a month to let here recover . Dr. Dhall did not give Regina prescription for a full dose, because we just want to see how she responds to this chemo. IF she does well, then we will repeat same chemo drugs in July BUT this time full dose ( 15 days instead of 10 days of oral crap).
On friday we had first Platelet Transfusion in CHOC outpatient Cancer institute infusion center. I LOVE IT. NOT that we got platelets,but I LOVE THAT PLACE :) I DO. There are lot of semi private "chairs", and in center is playarea for kids and kitchen corner if kids get hungry during long infusions.::)
REginas platelet transfusion went really well. CHOC does it little different than they do it in CHLA. Of course REgina got premeds first- Benadryl, tylenol and steroids. Then platelets, BUT instead 20 minute infusion, REgina got one hour infusion and platelets went throught that pump or whatever you call it, that lets meds drip evenly. loL Regina had no REactions to platelets which is good:)
Sadly Reginas counts are dropping again. Her ANC was 1200 on Friday. I am guessing it is even lower today. ANd her Hemoglobin is lower also 9,1. :( Most likely she will need another platelet transfusion on monday or wednesday. She is more tired now and naps little longer. ( sign that platelets are low )...

other than that nothing new. Last day of school will be on 18th of June. My baby Gabriel turns 8 on june 22. CAN I ask you all a favor... Past few years Gabriel has been pretty left out. We do things with him, but he still sees that REgina gets more cards and notes and gifts and everything else, and it makes him FRUSTRATED :(. Plase send him simple Birthday Card. I know it will chear him up, because IT IS FOR HIM ;)
Gabriels address...
Gabriel Tan
27715 Manor Hill Rd
Laguna Niguel
Ca, 92677

After His Birthday Gabriel and Nick will got to China for summer:) REgina and I will stay to CA .


Patty said...

Hope Gabriel has a nice time with his Daddy while in China. Also hope you and Regina will have a fun time at home. Being separated like that has to be hard on everyone.

Katrina said...

First of all, let me mention that you always look radiant in the photos. It must be that goodness from within you that is showing through.

Secondly, what a treat it was to see Regina at our ice cream party. I'm sorry the other kids were lagging behind, but still, she did seem to have a nice time. She did seem a bit weary, but I could tell she was glad to have come.

Give her a kiss for me.

I hope your summer is restful and healthy.

Love, Katrina (Mrs. Soto, as Regina knows me)