Tuesday, June 9

Sorry for not updating for few days.
Regina has a nasty cold. Luckily her counts are still pretty good. On monday her anc was about 2000 something and white count 3,2 . Platelets are hanging around 55000 mark.
We are going to CHLA on wednesday to see Dr. Dhall and get REginas vincristine chemo ( tiny push throuh IV line).
SO we have been hanging out at home mostly.
We are doing Reginas Labs now in CHOC 3 times a week. 19 miles there, 19 miles back so we don't have to waste all day to drive to LA area.

On Sunday we attended Celebrate Life WIth Hope event. REgina did fine first hour, but then she got really tired and we had to leave early. We missed Jessica Simpsons performance I would have loved to have photo Op. with her. :)
( Copy and paste from their website)
n conjunction with National Cancer Survivor's Week, every June the HOPE Program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles sponsors Celebrate Life with HOPE, an event honoring childhood cancer survivors and their families. As the largest annual event of its type in U.S., Celebrate Life with HOPE is a wonderful opportunity for our survivors and their families to get together with hospital staff and trainees, representatives of community and national support agencies, and major donors of the HOPE Program and CHLA. In addition to enjoying fun and food, the event emphasizes health promotion and wellness through attention to nutrition, self-care, and mind-body fitness. Held on the New York City backlot of Paramount Pictures, we are joined by celebrities and entertainers who make the day so absolutely special. Celebrate Life with HOPE emphasizes survivorship and life-long wellness as an on-going process that involves physical health and learning to maximize quality of life.

With over 1600 participants last year, we are expecting an even larger turnout this year. Sponsored by the HOPE Program in the Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, this wonderful event is free to our children and families. The event is made possible by the philanthropic support of outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses. Volunteers are actively recruited year-round to help stage this event, as well as donors of materials and funds. We are especially interested in welcoming actors and entertainers who are willing to share their time and talent with our families. These individuals help attract the media to get the word out that childhood cancer is a devastating disease, but together we are making a difference in survivorship and improved quality of life.


Katrina said...

I left a comment on an earlier post, but want to make sure you know about this. We're having a make your own ice cream sundae party in RSP this Friday (6/12) If Regina is up to it, please bring her by during her regular lunch time. The kids come to the RSP room during their lunch recess (her lunch time is 11:20, so bring her about 11:30) They love this party. It's just making sundaes and eating them, but it's a big hit with the kids. Of course, you're welcome to a sundae too!! :-)
Hope to see you then.

Love, Mrs. Soto (Katrina) Regina's math teacher

Sleeping Beauty said...

Hi Mrs. Soto :) OK. WE WILL be there :) I take REgina over 11.30:). SHE LOVES ICE CREaM:) I can't believe school will be over next week :)

Katrina said...

Oh, I am so thrilled that you'll be able to make it. I'll be fighting with Regina over who gets the most ice cream because I, too, LOVE IT!! (which is obvious by looking at me! - ice cream and a whole lotta other stuff too :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you 2 are getting ready for a wonderful afternoon! I hope Regina is feeling up to it! Can you show off your new legs yet?