Thursday, June 4


My baby is sick :( Poor REgina. She is coughing, and has runny nose. ALso her platelets are dropping fast. ANd because of low platelets she has been sleeping lot more. We are going to CHOC to check her labs again tomorrow morning/

Eventhough REgina is on steroids, today she had a bad day. She had hard time going up the stairs, her balance was off again... and she also had a headache. But that could be due to sinus infection she has .
I know her ANC is pretty high( around 5000) so she has some strength in her to fight off whatever she has.
She also misses her Daddy a lot. :( So does Gabriel.. I feel so sad for them:(
Regina and Gabriel want to go to Estonia this year because Regina wants to see her friend Krissu and eat some estonian sausage and white bread., but sadly i don't see this happening due to financial issues. I feel sad sad sad sad sad sad sad very very very sad. :( Also, myself, I have some important unfinished "business" up there but I guess I just have to postpone everything..

Regina also had a chance to visit school for 3 days. SHE was sooo happy to talk about her friends, and things she did, and LUNCH she ate. She truly did enjoy visiting her classmates and fave teachers... Poor her. I know she wants to be More active and do more things and go to more places. Maybe later.....

Myself - I am healing from my surgery allright. I am not pain free. My lower leg is feeling great, but my thigh, where that laser thing was inserted into vein, is still hurting. I am guessing it is more like nerve pain. because i do get burning feeling IN MY LEG.. And ALso my leg gets very tired . Not sure why is that. But oh well, it has only been one week and 2 days so, I have another week before I can start feeling better.
That's about it.


overbluff said...

Dear Princess Regina,
It was SOOO wonderful to see you
at school the past few days.
We miss your smile so much.
Love, Your Lunch Ladies,
Miss Kim and Miss Mary

Patty said...

Sorry she has the sniffles. Hope they go away quickly. Wish her Daddy was there with her and Gabriel. Glad you leg is healing. Hope all goes well with Regina.

My sister-in-law, Marilyn, got the tube/port put into her head this past Thursday. They want to do about five more radiation treatments on her back before they put the chemo directly into her brain. I have no idea how that will work, sounds dangerous to me. She's all ready having problems remembering things and getting confused. Sometimes I wonder if they aren't just experimenting on her.

Anonymous said...

no like you to go this long between posts.... just thinking about you. I hope all is well and Regina is feeling great!