Sunday, October 26

Working closely with Camp Ronald McDonald, We Can designed an award-winning camp especially for pediatric brain tumor patients and their families, combining traditional camp activities with the best of We Can programs. We Can campers are divided into five groups: Parents, Older Patients, Younger Patients, Older Siblings and Younger Siblings. Three times during the weekend, these groups participate in activities that address their particular needs. The parents have three guest speakers and a late night support group meeting. The children’s groups are led by We Can’s team of social workers, who help them feel comfortable talking about what it is like to live with brain cancer. The camp doctor (usually a neuro-oncologist) visits every group to answer questions and spends much of the weekend talking with family members in this non-stressful camp environment. In the Fall of 2006, We Can was able to offer a camp for Spanish-speaking families.( FROM WE CAN WEBSITE)

Anyway, we had fun filled weekend in this special camp. We met new families, chit chatted with old friends and ate LOTS of food.:):):) Regina and Gabriel both loved Fishing and decorating pumpkins, and then both hated early morning hike to waterless falls ( THEY hated it because I dragged them there).

It was great to feel like a fish in a water, because all the other families KNEW exactly what we are going through. No stupid questions, NO I DO nOT UNDERStAND how can you do it comments. It was just what we needed. But of course I did shred some tears also. It was bit to much for me to handle. Other families with their sick children, their issues.. Their worries, their problems.... I can handle Reginas problems well, but if I see other children like this living happily, BUT with problems i jsut get emotional... Fight is far from over. To be honest , It is never over.. AND please, DO NOT ASK IF SHE WILL BE CURED? OR WHAT ARE Her CHANCES FOR SURVIVAL.
I DO NOT KNOW. And I will never know.


Kathy said...

Statistics are meaningless when it comes to an individual case like Regina's.

Her chances of living another 5 or 10 years are exactly the same as Steven's-- they're either 0% or 100%.

Camp looks like fun. Sean goes to 6th grade camp next week.

I'm glad you had a good time.

Kathy said...

I was just taking a closer look at the photos.

Gabriel is well hidden.

maire said...

Ma ei tundnud sind mytsiga ara.
Vaatasin ,et kes see superstar on.
Happy Tuesday!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

So glad the family had a fun week-end. Thanks also for the Birthday wishes.

Denise Martin said...

Such cute pics. I love Regina's fuzzy hair. It is so cute. Just keep doing what you're doing. Do not even consider statistics. They do not matter anyway!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I just put your blog down as receiving an award that I just received, please go to my blog and pick it up. Then you will have to list seven blogs you especially like and link to them. If you have the time, if not don't worry about it.