Thursday, October 2


Quick update:)
Regina is doing great :) She is full of energy and spunk. She still hates reading... and she reads like it is some kind of chore... She and Gabriel have bonded in some weird way. Every night , after we give Regina and Gabriel Kisses and hugs, and spin hugs, and tickles, and more kisses, they start whispering to each other. After I yell - QUIET, IT IS BED TIME. NO TALKING. they start giggling. And in few hours , when I go and check how they are doing, REgina has sneaked into Gabriels bed, and both sleep soundly. When I ask explanation next morning - Regina tells me GABRIEL ASKED her to come to his bed.

Anyway, they are cute together:)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

So happy she's doing OK. Nice that her brother and her get along so well. Cute photo.

Ma olen väsinud, aga õnnelik! said...

Oi, kui imearmas pilt, kus lapsukesed kahekesi koos magavad!:)
Palju jõudu Reginale!

Susan said...

Oh, she does LOOK GREAT!! Stil praying hard for this special princess that lights up the world for us.

Steven Morales said...

That was precious.