Saturday, October 4

Variety presents-- POWER OF YOUTH!!

It all started about 3 weeks ago. We got a big brown envelope from St Jude, that had blank paper in it.. BLANK, white paper. Few days later my friend Kathy called us and asked if we received this invite to Power of youth, that takes place in LA. Anyway, then I understood what that blank paper was... Invite...
So, I called ALSAC and asked them about, if they have sent Regina invitation to this wonderful event, and I was told that yes... I explained them what we got, and they sent us the right infromation.

So today was this event. It was in Los Angeles, across from Staples Center.
HUNDREDS of young entertainment industry celebrities showed up... I told REgina to walk head up high, and if she sees her favorite stars just ran to them and ask for autographs:):):) And that is what she did:):)
Event itself was great. Lot of food- made by Wolfgang Puck people,
giveaways, goody bags, photo booths, ice cream, snacks, drinks, and C E L E B R I T I E S. There were about 10 st Jude families also:) I knew couple of them, but most of them were new ones. :(:(:( Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana performed, So you think you can dance dancers showed up, Wizzards from waverly place Celena COmez was there, iCarly, Zack and Cody crew, and hundreds more:)
I spoke one of ALSAC girl, and told her what is our situation, and I started crying telling her why we are not "active" st Jude patients anymore. I felt so sad, but at that time I had to go with my gut feeling... And she completely understood and was supportive on our desision.
I can't thank enough of all those people who were there to support St Jude:):)

Target Presents Variety’s Power of Youth is focused on encouraging the next generation of entertainment to support philanthropic and charitable causes, and to use their positions in popular culture to motivate others to do the same. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the exclusive beneficiary of Variety’s Power of Youth initiative, which since its launch in 2007 has raised more than $600,000.

Now, healtwise Regina is doing great. We had her labs checked on wednesday ( local lab). Our major concern is Platelest. IF they fall below 50 000 we have to reduce Chemo... BUT for our surprize-- now, remember that regina is on 3 different chemo drugs- Temodor- 60 mg, Irinotecan , 125 mg( I think) and Avastin ( not sure about dose). Although, chemo is toxic, her counts managed to improve--- Her Plateletes went from72000 last week to 130 000 this week-- Pretty much doubble. Her white count is better than ever and ANC is also improving.
That said, I still have hard time believing that her cancer is back. I have had those weird moments with myself, one point I am planning my funeral, and second moment i see her getting married. It sounds weird, but I am not sure how to find that perfect balance in my brain. I have way to many thought rush through my brain and all at once.. I just hope that SOON, someone tells us where we are at, because this constant worring is just not the best thing for me right now.

(( HUGS ))) to you all, and THANK YOU for checking in on us. I will update everything in here, and if you have not heard from us for a while then know that we have no news:)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like Regina was having fun. That's wonderful about her platelets. I hope they continue to stay where they should and I pray the treatment is working. Yes it has to be hard on everyone in the family, the constant worry about her health.

KMGheno said...

You guys look great! I really liked your previous post - I always have to smile (on the inside) when I get to "yell" at the kids for acting up; all seems right with the world.

Best wishes,

Steven Morales said...

It's good to hear you guys had fun at the event. I will be there next year hopefully helping put together the event. God bless Regina and your family.

Leah said...

She is beautiful. I am still praying.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you got to go, looks like fun, I'm sorry we couldn't make it.

She was having such a hard time before with platelets, it's awesome that she's doing so well.