Wednesday, October 8

Day in CHLA

We have new favorite nurse..Cris:) She was so thoughtful, that she saved Regina bed. Usually when we arrive 10.30ish to CHLA, all 20 chairs/beds are taken, and we have to wait for it. But this time WE HAD it !! HA!!!

Our CHLA day started out kind of sad. Poor Regina. She had to be poked 3 times. Her veins are so used that scar tissue is already building up.. BUT, she did good . First 2 pokes she did not cry, but third poke made her cry with tears. I felt so bad for her. But what can you do. ( NO, WE DO NOT WANT CENTRAL LINE IN, NOT YET).

After that She had labs drawn, and she had to pee in a cup. During the one hour waiting time, we went to play room , and Regina did some fun crafts with Sunshine kids Amy:) We have not seen he since June, and I was really happy to see her.

Then her labs came back.. And they were AWESOME!!! Platelets 103ooo WOHOO. White count 5, 3 and anc 3,2. GOOD:)

Irinotecan did give he tummy ache , but she is doing good:)
Next apointment in 2 weeks :)


Kathy said...

She looks like she's really growing, and older (in a good way).

Old Lady Lincoln said...

So happy for her and you, that so far, everything is going along smoothly. I hope this batch of chemo shrinks them to the point they go completely away.

Anonymous said...

ma pole ammu su blogi lugemas kainud ja mul oli nii kahju lugeda et Regina jalle kolmandat korda voitleb. nii vapper vaike neiu!!!

Hoping for a miracle as well!!!!!


Steven Morales said...

Glad to hear she's doing well.(^__^)