Saturday, October 18


We went to Legoland today:) Overall It was very happy trip. Regina told me few times how EXITED SHE IS, and how much she enjoys walking and how happy I made her by taking her to LEGOLAND:) WE walked today 6 miles in legoland ( I have my step counter with me ;) ) and for my surprise NOT ONCE she complained that she is tired and wants to sit down. ONE who did complain was Gabriel.. but his issues are different...

Our day In Legoland did not start out very nice. While we were standing on line and waiting for our turn, there was one dad with 2 boys... Most likely 5-7 year old. Younger one was constantly complaining and just missbehaving. OLDER boy other hand was horrible. I did see that he had some sort of behavioral disability, because he was cutting lane, throwin himself on ground pounding his head to ground... AND his dad did not do much to control him.. But what made things worse , was what happened next. I guess boy got really tired of waiting for his turn and he had to take it out on someone. ANd guess who that someone was ---- REGINA. HI TOOK HIS FIST and punced reginas head with all his power. Everybody around us saw what happened and for a second I heard this AAAAAAA, and then whispering started. Regina handled it pretty well. No crying, She also saw that that boy had problems. She just told me, MOM, that boy has no manner, it is no ok to walk around and hit people. ... I just looked at boy s dad and said nothing... All I heard from him is I am sorry and that is is... NOt checking if reginas head Is ok, or explaning WHY his son would do such a horrible thing I am sorry, but that is unexeptable.
IF MY KID HAD done something like it, I WOULD HAVE taken her/him on a side and told them- THAT IS IT, we are going home. But oh no, that dad took his 2 kids and they all took a ride happily together. NO PUNISHMENT NOTHING. FUCK I SAY. I know my kids do missbehave time to time, BUT I always talk to them about it, and ask them apologize ( IF I AM AROuND)...

AFTER that incident my mood was ruined for couple of minutes, but it was such a nice weather, and kids were so happy.. I just tryed to forget what happened. ..

I was so upset that I started crying.


Steph said...

We almost went to Legoland this weekend! My sister and her husband are in San Diego for the weekend (from Colorado) and we were going to drive over....but then did not....blah....didn't want to spend money on hotel....anyway....too bad we could not have met. That would have been nice.

I'm sorry about the boy....and I parent like kid does something terribly wrong, we leave, no reward....glad Regina handled it well. And, wow, that's a lot of walking. Way to go Regina! Glad she had fun :)

Kathy said...

If we hadn't been so terribly busy today I would have driven up there with one or both kids. Our kids are getting kind of old for Legoland but there are still things they like to do there.

But today was karate for Steven, birthday party for Sean, Cotillion for both boys at different times, then my next-door neighbor had her 40th birthday party at the Del Mar Marriott.

Tomorrow morning is Sean's Fall Ball game and Steven and I are going to Ride for Kids.

So many things, so little time. Why don't you come back soon for zoo or Wild Animal Park or Sea World and we'll go with you.

I'd like to offer you to stay with us in our guest room with private bath but unfortunately that room is still taken :-(

So if you came here I would give you the boys' room and they'd camp out in the living room or the playroom (actually they like that).

Maybe someday we'll get our lives back on track.

Anonymous said...

oh terrible... the boy are so bad and the father worst. If I were at your place, I will just slap the boy and said "ops sorry it just a reflect from me after your son punch my girl's head"....I maybe sounds bad... but someone must teach him and the father a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to hear about what happened to Regina at Legoland.
I have a feeling that this boy was an autistic. I work with autistic children and it often happens that they can suddenly slash out like this. Most of them found it extreamly difficult to face lots of people and wait in the quie. I don't try to make excuses for a boy but I know that punishment usually won't make much difference with the children like this.
If this was a case then I think the dad should have said you something and let you know that his son has a problem.