Wednesday, October 22


(October 23d, 2005)

TOday was chemo day. Again, not the best day for us. Regina is getting tired of this never ending deal with needles and nurses. Today we got nurse that I have nothing against, but he is not our favorite. I just get feeling towards people and I was right to feel the way I did. Anyway... He is good, but not good enough.
What happened today.
  1. IV placement
  2. labs
  3. hydration ( one hour)
  4. Pentamidine ( Aerosol Antibiotics to protect lungs)
  5. Avastin - 30 minutes
  6. flush
  7. Irinotecan 90 minutes
  8. one hour hydration
  9. Dr DHall
Yeah, Regina hated IV part, She screamed her lungs out and I do not blame her. After MRI on nov. 3'd when we know more what is going on, we most likely get central line or PICC line put in again To eliminate poking. BUT it means more work for me- Flushing, showering with Regina, cleaning her line. etc... YUCK. YUCK YUCK. I love her , but I AM DONE. I am exhausted. And she is also getting there. She is starting to question WHY I have to do it, WHY I still have back pains, WHY I feel sick sometimes,WHY I get tired.. why why why.
MY question is also why. BUT Regardless of those whys --- SHE IS DOING AWESOME MOST OF THE TIME. Those WHYS come out before bedtime, when we have our bedtime routine hugs and kisses and books and tickles, and stupid jokes.... Then she asks away. AND I just wanna hide because I do not know WHY.

Reginas LABS were GREAT!!! WOHOOOO!!!! But I have a feeling they are starting to drop, since I am sensing little cold coming up pretty soon. And when she gets sick her platelets drop overnight at least 20 000 points.
Upcoming MRI- November 3d. Chemo November 5th.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I hope and pray her MRI will be a fantastic one for her. I know you are both tired and I know there are questions, but this is all something we have no idea why is happening to some and not everyone. Please hang in there. Thinking of you and your family.

KMGheno said...

Missed you in D-Land... I had NO idea what to expect and was completely overwhelmed (in a good way). However, we will be back in early December and will do a much better job of connecting if you're still up for it = )

Prayers, strength, and good juju being sent your way. For Regina AND your family.

Much love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

just thought i`d mention, if Regina does get a PICC line a really good way to cover it for the shower is to use press and seal plastic wrap. you prpobably have a good way figured out already but i have seen a lot of people liking the press and seal option since the skin can be very sensitive if you cover it up with the tape all the time. just a tip.
Ilusat sygise jatku ja ma loodan et novembri MRI toob haid uudiseid!!

Sleeping Beauty said...

:):):):):) YEAH:) We did do the press and seal before, it is great way to keep line dry:) But, it is still LINE, and no matter how GOOD care I take of it, there is always huge chance of infection, and Regina manages to get all strange, never heard before infections:)