Wednesday, January 9

One more week before Chemo..

We saw Dr Dhall today and had a nice long discussion about Regina.
Reginas last round of chemo/stem cell transplant will start next friday. She did not make chemo counts today , her platelets were still little low. But ANC and hemoglobin are nicely recovering.
I kind of like this nice long break. :) Regina is doing awesome. She enjoys school, she had couple of nice play dates with her classmate ( cross the street neighbor). She eats and drinks well.

After this upcoming last round of chemo we are done!!! DONE. I am speechless. I thought this day never come. But I am scared also. I already mentioned before that MRI did not pick up any active cancer cells in her brain. But it does not mean that danger is over. Doctors think that whatever mass is left in her brain is not cancer, and they think it is necrosis. i asked about possible surgery to remove some of it. Dr Dhall told me that it is not possible to remove anything, since necrosis is all spread our . IF it was in one spot , then yeah... Also, dr Dhall mentioned "possibility" to radiate Reginas brain more... BUT only HUGE concern here is location. Since radiation is needed in left side of brain, it is not best idea to do so. It can damage her "intelligence" quite a bit. AND radiation is needed IN CASE there is something hiding in that dead mass... And it will help to kill those left cells ( INCASE there is something).

But that is only talk. Dr Dhall also wants to neuro testing.( psychological) evaluation, to see where REgina stands academically... .. Whew...

Lets just hope that Reginas next round of Chemo will be her LAST round EVER!!!


Patty said...

I am hoping and praying.

Susan said...

Oh, what exciting words... last round of chemo!

I'm just thrilled.

Still praying HARD.

Regina looks GREAT.