Monday, January 7

No news is good news...

Kids are finally back in School . Regina is doing awesome. Her appetite is back and bigger than ever. She is full of energy, and shows no signs of weakness.
We are going to meet Dr Dhall on Wednesday to discuss Reginas treatment plan.
Me, other hand... i am just tired of sitting around and worring. I know I will be worrying rest of Reginas life about every step she takes, every time she gets sick, every time, she is too sleepy,.etc. I wish i had some super powers to see future..

Gabriel has been asking me some weird questions and giving me some even weirder commands...
His number one wish is--- "I want Reginas cancer be over by June, because I want to have my Birthday party in Scooters jungle".. He keeps asking every day IF Reginas cancer will be "over" by June... And he makes sure he Reminds me that IT IS very important that his birthday will be in SCOOTERS JUNGLE...( IF you remember , then Regina had her second brain surgery on Gabriels sixth Birthday, ( june 22nd), And gabriel still Remembers that his birthday got canceled and he could not play with his friends and Sc. Gabriel really has lots of patience to deal with Regina and her issues.


Kathy said...

You are a far braver woman than I if you really want to see the future.

I only want to see the future if it's good, if there are bad things ahead I don't want to know about them until it's time.

Poor Gabriel. Sean was Gabriel's age when we moved him to Memphis and put him in school.

First day of Sean's school was Steven's first day of chemo.

Steven wanted me there for chemo and Sean wanted me at school, so I managed somehow to do both.

I think Gabriel deserves the birthday party he wants. So we'll pray hard that Regina recovers from the next transplant and stays well.

Patty said...

So very happy everything is coming along so nicely for Regina and her family. I hope and pray to, that by Gabriel's birthday in June she will be compelety well and her hair will have returned.