Friday, January 4

Home Sweet Home:)

It is so nice to bet at home again. Regina is so much happier here and we can finally relax:) We FINALLY had our "traditional " Christmas Dinner with appropriate food and it feels right :)

We had to go to CHLA today. Dr Dhall wanted to make sure Reginas platelet counts were stable .. But they were not. They were below 50 000 and Dr Dhall wanted REgina to have transfusion,so Regina can survive this upcoming weekend. But since there were to many children needing platelets, Regina was not their First priority, and we had to wait 3 hours to get those platelets. :( Finally we got them and weekend can start:)

We are going to Dr Dhall on wednesday, and after that we will start Reginas Last ( hopefully) round of chemo/stem cell transplant. Regina is doing better now,and is slowly recovering from her last stem cell transplant.


Kathy said...

When will Regina be starting the next round?

Next week seems too soon, but then again I'm not a doctor.

I'm very glad you guys are home for now, and that Regina is doing so well.

Patty said...

CONGRATULATIONS. Sounds like everything is coming along great. I'm so happy you are both able to be home for a while. A hosptal is a poor place to try and rest.

Lennuk said...

Hello, hello! So quiet here! What you guys are up to? How is Regina doing? And how are you?
Did you get your car fixed?