Wednesday, June 30

Amazing day

Today was the shortest day ever. Her apointment was 8.15 and guess what, WE did not have to wait for 3 hours :) we were pretty much on time- just 30 minute wait time. And we were out from that hospital 9.15 :)
Tomorrow we have little longer day.
Starting from Tuesday next week she'll het 6 extra hours added to her scedule. Dr Gajjar just made us another informed consent statement- study called FAST ForWord program. This is a part of the research study to find out if a computer based training system can prevent some or all fo the decresed in school performance that sometimes occurs in children treated for brain cancer. Half of the patients will receice the computer bvsed program, and the oter half will receive regular help with their schoolwork. and seems like we are the oter half( but it could change, it all depends ... The sudy is for PNET< ATRT or medulloblastoma patiens who received radiation therapy to their brain.
I know it'll be very frustrating for regina since she does not like orders given to her. She has her own mind and it's very hard for me or the others explane it to her that she has to listen to us :(

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