Friday, June 18

ANother day in Paradise - not

Today was MRI day. We did not get to see the resaults yet. But hopefully on Monday we'll know if her little head is clean.

Also on Monday shell get Central line. :( She'll hate it for sure. :( Then on tuesday she gets more bloodwork done and, on wednesday she'll het her first Radiation treatment. Praying, and praying and praying for the best.

Today we finally rented a car and took a drowe around the hood. IT's nicer away from here. We went to applebees, and Sears and little mall close by. Regina was exited. SHe liked being away from RMD.

Tomorrow we'll go to Graceland and on sunday we'll have fathers day lunch, because my husband is going back to CA . My son nees some attention also. He'll forget how his mom and dad look. He allready does not want to talk to me on phone. :(

I'm getting scared. I don't know what to expect. I do,nt know how will she react to her treatment. I dont want her to suffer.


Tiffany said...

I hope everything goes well. You have such a beautiful family!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Thank you :)