Tuesday, June 22

Looks who's smoking??

I don't mind smokers. I was smoker once. You know, I smoked 5-6 ciggis per day. SOmetimes 10, but never more. HEre in RMH almost everybody smokes. I swear. Even 3 month old babies.
Close your eyes, imagine you are that 3 month old, You are sittin on your mamas lap. Around you are lot of people who all are smoking. Lot, I mean 7-8 persons. THey smoke, and smoke and then they light up new ciggy and smoke again. WHAT?? Guys! COme on. If you dont care about your life care about your little boys life who is allready getting Chemo treatments. :( I feel sad.
( I never smoked around my kids, and if They happened to come around I threw the cig. away , brushed my teeths and even changed my clothes. I did not wash my hair. 7 times a day - its way to much.

Like I said before, I don't mind people who smoke but do it on right place and when small sick kids are not present.

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