Friday, July 2

And week is gone....almost

8 Treatments finised. Now we have long weekend ahead of us. LONG and slow and boring because everybody is leaving Ronald McDonald house. I feel like we'll be the only family staying there for this 3 day weekend :( It sucks to live so far from CA.

** During the next week Dr Gajjar is out of office. I got Reginas next week scedule. Next week sucks. ALl her apointments are NOON ones. I'm 100% sure its because Dr Gajjar is out of office and not pushing radiation guys to take Regina in Early. I can handle this one week. I just feel sad for regina because some days she'll get her first meal around 4-5 pm. Which is really bad because she is allready loosing weight and I don't want her to loose more.

She is doing reat . Bad thing is Her taste has changed ( foods) and her apetite is down.

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