Saturday, July 24

My dh is visiting

yep, he is here!!! Last night we went to chilis and then thunderstorm hit.

Today we just did some driving and now he is sleeping. I swear. HE IS SLEEING!! WTF????? He  sees us  once in a whil and  instead of spending time with usm HE SLEEPS??
Around 5 pm we'll go to TexasBrazil  for dinner . We made reservations for 5.30.

I was supposed to meet one or my online friends today But I was little scared to   call her. She sounded  little pissed off yesterday when we spoke and I did not want to make her more pissed.

Regina is doing great. 8 8 more radiation treatments and she is done with THIS part. On sept 8th, shell be admitted again for chemo. We allready got the schedule. She'll have to go true bone marrow transplant . I hope she'll do fine.,

I'd update you little more, but I just got my nails done and it is Fuckin' hard to type with long nails.

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