Friday, July 9

Miss Brooke!!!!

She is Reginas Fast ForWord teacher. She told me that she'll leave in 2 weeks. :( TO bad. I really like . She is nice and patient and Regina seems to like her. I'm worried that It'll take more time for Regina to get used to New one. And her style might be different and .... Ok, time will show. :)

We have saturday 8.30 Radiation apointment. Last one for Full head and Spine. Starting from monday Tumor bed only Radiation. She got new markings today. And her hair keeps falling out . :(

Zoei's Grandma Gave me one beautiful fleece blanket . It was Zoeis, never used, brand new. And Regina likes it, she wants to sleep with it tonight. . It is light purple with white and dark purple flowers on it. :) It's beautiful. :) Thank you !! I will remember date November 30!!!!

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