Thursday, May 7

Somebody reminded me today that I haven't updated since monday. UPS. Srry dear followers :)
Regina is doing good. Nothing new since monday. She is trying to taste new foods, and if she does not like it she spits is out. She told me since she is going to be GROWN up soon, then she has to at least act like grown up once in a while... hehe.

I have also noticed that ger right side is getting weaker.. She is not very exited about holding pen or eat with her right hand. SHe tells me that it feels like someone is crawling there all the time.. when she does her puzzles, she uses her left. When she colors she switches between right and left hand.:)
But her legs are getting stronger once again:) There are days she is not very stable, but other days she is doing great .

ALSO Yesterday she lost 3 TEETH :) 3 in a row. I thought I gonna pass out. I thought that Chemo made her gums weak, but after closer examination I FOUND 3 WHite tiny dots :):): New ones are growing :):):)

Regina is exited about mothers day. SHE wan's to make me mothers day sandwich:).. SHE is not that exited about my 05/08 birthday, since I am not really inviting any kids over. I told her that Maybe few friends will stop by and take their kids with them, so she could play for a while.. . SHe felt little better about me getting older after that :)

That is about it :)
:):) Special thanks to Gayle for helping with dinner deliveries :):):):):)


KMGheno said...

3 teeth. . . Now that has potential to break the bank!!! Happy Happy, enjoy the b-day (should be ALL about you). Thinking of you guys all the time.

Anonymous said...

The BIG 30!!! YOU MADE IT! hee

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman!


Jinsong TAN said...

Congratulations and warmest wishes for your birthday and every day.

Katrina said...

Happy belated birthday and a very very special Happy Mothers Day. You are an amazing mother, and you probably don't even know it. Regina and Gabe are so lucky to have you for a mom. Your strength is what keeps all the loose threads from unraveling. I know you do not like prayers and blessings, so I will just say that I wish for all the beauty of nature to shine down upon you!

Much love, Katrina

p.s. kisses and hugs for Regina, of course, but sometimes it should be about YOU.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana and happy birthday and mothers day. We are all thinking about you a lot and well wishes of course.
Hav a great day!!!!

Elisabet, Gunnar, David and Sofia