Monday, May 25


Thank you all for your encouraging us every way possible:) I don't mind listening all sorts of opinions and getting advice from all of you :) Sometimes it is helpful, sometimes more harmful than helpful :) That is why we do what we do. We follow our heart and so far our heart has given us great advice :)

Regina also spent 2 days in school last week. BOTH DAYS SHE LASTED ALL DAY :) WTG REgina :) I am so proud of her:) She is so much happier and stronger right now :)
We also started her on Steroids ( decadron ) again. She was off balance, and was sleeping a LOT LOT LOT. SInce we started she is more stady, does not nap anymore. DOWNSIDE- mood swings:) ( kind of like I am during PMS)... hehe

ANyway. On Tuesday we are going to CHLA to get VIncristine and rest of her chemo drugs. ON wednesday I have my vascular surgery ( to treat varicose veins - laser and stripping).

SO If you don't see me much-- at least bring me over some salad.... Nick promised to take good care of me for couple of days... HE BETTER deliver....


Patty said...

Good luck to Regina and also good luck to you. I'm sure hubby and son will take care of you.

Patty said...

P.S. I also see the movie My Sister's Keeper is due out this coming week-end.

Colleen said...

Glad to hear Regina is feeling better and getting stronger. Ellie's MRI looks like Regina's and every time I see that hole where brain should be, it takes my breath away.

To comment on your previous post, Regina is here and alive. She is enjoying life while fighting cancer and its noones business what her journey should be like. That is up to you, your husband and Regina. It certainly is easy to make comments when someone has no idea at all what cancer parents and their child are going through. If you haven't walked in our shoes then you have no idea what it is like. I choose life and fighting.

Still praying!
Colleen & Ellie :)

Anonymous said...

checking in on you and hoping your surgery went well! and hoping you are getting spoiled during recovery.