Wednesday, May 27


About me:)
I woke up around 4.10 am. TOOK quick shower, woke up Nick "threw" my kids into our car and went to UCI medical center where I had my vascular surgery done by Dr. John lane.

It was so funny to be patient. Usually I was the one watching after Regina, standing next to her bed, watching nurses hooking her IV's up, giving her "sleepy" medicine. This time I was THE PATIENT. AND it was great feeling. :) UCI nurses are great :)
Anyway. Hooked up my IV, got labs drawn- saw gazillion doctors nurses and other important people who all wanted to know why I was there, which leg will be fixed, what meds am I on-- AM I PREGNANT --hehe, ...
ANd finally after talking myself to death I GOT MY FIRST MEDICINE cocktail. UUHHH. That was good. For about 3 minutes later when they started wheeling my away to OR, People suddenly seemed so cute and cuddly that I just wanted to hug everybody. I felt funny.. and while Dr Lane started doing Ultrasound on my leg I PASSED OUT. whew. I WISH I stayed awake. M WELL, as I was told after vein stripping surgery and Endovenous Ablation of Varicose Veins- I WAS JOKING AROUND and laughing and having good time-- REALLY???? REALLY ??? REALLY??? I HAVE NO recollection what happened. NONE whatsoever. I remember waking up seeing lights, passing out, waking up seeing lights passing out. NOT feeling any pain. AND then finally I woke up and started crying crying like there is no tomorrow. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I have no IDEA , maybe it was something they asked inside or I was talking about .. but I just cried. OF course I stopped crying and completed discharge process and CALLED NIck to pick me up from UCI .
NOW I am home and in moderate pain . Stuck with TYlenol PM that I am refusing to take. I have to keep my leg elevated- supposed to help with pain. NOT working.

BUT I AM SO HAPPPY THAT IT"s done :) I can't wait to see the "final product" , after bruises are gone and scars have healed:). :)
(Regina flushing her line)
Regina has been bringing me water and covering me up :) She is my caretaker now ;)


Anonymous said...

my computer takes a second or two to load your page. the first thing i ALWAYS see is the title of your post. for whatever reason that loads first. and i am always so happy when i see smiles! that means the post is good and all is as well as it can be.
glad everything went well! i cannot believe they didn't give you pain meds. the pic of your face below makes me want to reach through the screen and hug you. you look beautiful. fresh out of surgery.
hugs to all! xo-tiffani

Katrina said...

Love that photo with your sexy bedroom eyes!! Hope you heal up fast and are back on your feet (and healthy legs) in no time.

love, katrina