Monday, May 11

Birthday, Mothers day and more

I love when Regina eats and does not complain that food tastes weird.
I love when REgina dances and does not loose her balance.
I love when both of my kids play together and don't argue .
I LOVE it, that she finally told me that she feels great and wants to be with Gabriel tonight . ( same room ).

IT has been good 3 days for her :)
We had great mothers day. Well at least first part of it. We spent it with Malloy Family :) Thanks Steve, Maire, Maddison and Travis :) We decided that it is ok spend little more than 9.99 for food sometimes. . WE had mothers day brunch in 21 Oceanfront. It is PRICEY. ( $65 per person and half the price for kids. BUT food there is worth it, plus location is amazing. After filling brunch we headed to Fashion Island just a little shopping and merry go round :) Around 1 PM REgina got Really tired and we had to go home. SHE took a super long nap, while Gabriel played wii and watched you tube...

On Friday night we had few friends over to celebrate my 31st. It was great night with great people. Lot of laughter:) To be honest- every year since 2004, my birthdays are not the happiest celebration for me. In May 2004 REgina was already sick and she had ALL sighs of brain tumor, but doctors ignored them. She was sick, and every year around this time all I can remember is tired and sleepy her, not eating, not being happy. ALl I can think is hospitalizations and her getting worse. I know , I know.. IT's in past, but i can't help this guilty feeling. AAAAHHHH. I wish no mom has to feel how I feel . BUT good thing is. Regina is doing good now:) AND I try to concentrate all good things, and tying hard not to be scared.. I am sorry if I have said hurful things for any of you in a moment of heat. THere are days I can manage my feelings better , but on other times, I just let everything out... srry for that.

You can check out our photos.


Anonymous said...

HI from west sacramento. how hot do you look in that black and white photo? wow. i just wanted to say good job. you are a great mom!! bonnye

Terri said...

So glad to hear that your Birthday & Mothers Day was good!! Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!! XO!

Colleen said...

Checking in and loving that Regina feels great! Such good news to hear. Happy Birthday to you too.

Ellie had surgery because the two little nodules that were left in her brain were lighting up with the PET scan and when the doctor opened her up there was just scar tissue. We are so happy to have all the scar tissue removed and most importantly NO TUMOR. Keep staying positive. I know you don't pray but I am happy that you let me do this for you. Regina's a special little girl.

XO- Colleen & Ellie

Anonymous said...

just checking in this morning. hope all is well. love the pics and this update...

Anonymous said...

I have to say, that you are so gorgeaus woman! Really, looking awesome! Go estonian girls! Wishing well to ya'll!!