Tuesday, August 31

See You all In Beijing...

 Yes.. Couple of more days, and I will be out of here. House has not sold, or leased, and I actually think that Realtors are getting kind of lazy marketing our house... Anyway... I am leaving and feel super sad.:(

I am keeping our HOME phone number via Vonage-- so if you call us 1 949 916 5098 - then you don't have to pay any extra charges-- Just like you called us before.:D  ANd we can chit chat -- IF INTERNET is up and running ;)

 I still can't believe that it will be 1 year on September 20th without my Beautiful Princess Regina.     Wherever she is I hope she is happy...  Well, I know she is...<3

  I can't believe I am still up and running, I can't believe that I am managing to  wake up every morning, make my coffee, work out and  enjoy my daily  activities. ...   Every day I have moments of weakness, and  during those very vulnerable moments I find myself   wondering- Why I  am   having these meltdowns when no one is around to see  it, Why I almost never have them when people talk about Regina, or want me to share stories of her? Why is it  that when I AM COMPLETELY alone, and in need of major pity party   there is no one around? I don't try to be strong, I don't try to impress people with my -- OH , LOOK AT ME, I am doing good...... I REALLY AM, most of the time -- but again, when I do need shoulder to cry on-- I usually just hug my pillow and pat myself  on my shoulder, telling me-- TOmorrow will be better day... and then tomorrow  arrives... and  same old, same old...

Life without My favorite girl is Challenging... Miss her to pieces..


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