Friday, August 20


YES:D Book that I co-wrote with Helen Eelrand is available in Estonia now. IT is about Regina and her life with Cancer, and  how life is with cancer patient. SADLY --- It is NOT in english, and lot of people have asked me about it. I am not really sure how it works IF I translate it into English- where to turn, who to talk .. etc.

Also, all Proceeds are going to CHildrens Hospital of Tallinn , In Estonia.       Their foundation will use this money to buy chemotherapy drugs to children.  I am finally doing something right. So thankful for Fookus Meedia in Estonia for contacting me  and shooting me this great idea :D

In Estonian book is Called- REGINA, Mu Imekaunis Voitlejanna. If I have to translate it into English then it is called- Regina , My Beautiufl Fighter


We Miss you Regina:D


katarina said...

Diana, there is such a thing as Self-publishing. Google and you'll find many results. May be that is the thing for you. You have many contacts with the main target group and relevant organizations, so you don't need someone else to market it for you. You can just publish it and have it printed on demand.

katarina said...

I asked for a friend's comment :
"Self-publishing, as I did, is quite a risky way to do it. First of all there is the expense and then you have to be responsible for any marketing. I'm lucky because my book does sell every month but I get to see the sales figures for all the books, and most of them hardly sell at all - or don't. To get it published in the conventional way, she would have to find a publisher and really I would suggest she reads The Writers and Artists Yearbook, which gives a lot of advice on that. If she does want to go the self-publishing route there are different companies that do it, but mine can be contacted at "