Wednesday, July 29

Asking for good thoughts, prayers, vibes.

Oh guys, I wish I have some good news for you. Actually, right now I have no Idea what kind of news I have. Not good, not bad, not stable..
Sadly, REgina is not doing that well. Her physical condition has worsened within past few days. She is not able to take even 2 steps without any help. She started tilting her head to the right, and oh,.. and she started drooling. She is also taking her 3-4 hour naps during day and seems like her speech is harder to understand also.
I emailed Dr. Dhall and let him know what is going on. We are starting to give Regina MORE steroids doubling up what she was taking before ( now 2 MG per day). Also Dr. Dhall called Radiology dept. and Regina will have an MRI sometimes next week. I don't know when or what time, but I will let you know when I find out.
Right now I am little scared. Could be many things, but could be gamma knife side effects and if that is it, then we have to do everything we can to manage those side effects.

Other than that- Regina is still eating a lot, drinking tons of milk, watching tv and plays LOT OF COMPUTER:) I got her Hannah montana 3 and high school musical 3 cds. She loves music. Her new favorites are Katy Perry, Pink, Taylor Swift, and 3OH!3.

She smiles a lot and gives us hugs. The other day in CHOC she surprised me . Her Nurse asked what are Reginas plans for a day, and Regina told her that SHE IS GOING TO GIVE PEOPLE HUGS:) ANd she did give few hugs:) SHe never said anything like that before. . Sadly that nurse will move to ATLANTA ( yes , to the place where those "entertaining" Housewives are from ).
Ok. So please, send your best thoughts , vibes, prayers to REginas way :)


Leah said...

I am praying

Colleen said...

Always praying for Regina. Every night we ask God to look after her and heal her and to give her momma strength.

Sending love from Virginia
Colleen and Ellie Bouchard

Steph said...

I'm so sorry, and think about you all the time....all the time....

Susan said...

Oh Di,

This breaks my heart... I'm going to pray it is just the side effects and it can be managed well.

She's such a sweet-heart. I wish I lived closer, I'd love one of those hugs!

I'll keep praying~

Kathy said...

Praying for Regina, I've been worried about her.

Hugs from us.

Dymesha Wheeler said...

Regina is very dear to me and you know that I hold her very close to my heart. I know that you don't share the same faith as I do but I will continue to pray for Regina and for your family because it's the only thing that I know how to do. Hugs and Kisses

Anonymous said...

Sending healing thoughts, hugs and kisses to Regina and the whole family. We love you.
Beth and Heather

Anonymous said...

Poor thing :(
I was soooo looking forward for the good news- something, like you have nothing really blog about, `cause everythings going great and life has became boring. but not YET, that is.

I`m wishing THE BEST for her and you guys as well (not religious, so no praiers), but she`s always in my thoughts and I hope she`ll get WAY better very soon!

hugs to that cute `lil cuddlebug :)

Patty said...

Sending good vibes her way. Only wish she would have had more healthy days in this time period. She's been through a lot.

Sleeping Beauty said...

:):):) Thank you guys:) I told Regina that there are lot of people out there rooting for her and caring about her:) She just smiled and sayed hihihi

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of great thoughts your way. Please don't hesitate to email if I can do anything at all. You can still email me at my school email. I would love to come by for a visit sometime if Regina and you all are up to it. Best wishes.
--Vanessa Napolitano

Katrina said...

Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry to hear that Regina is having some bad side effects. But, you've been here before, maybe in a different manifestation, and yet Regina has a way of bouncing back. I know you don't subscribe to the idea of prayer, but, as Dymesha said, it's all I know. Each Sunday when we are asked to offer our prayers aloud, Regina's name is the first name on my lips. Let's just call it love.


Anonymous said...

You don't know us, but I learned about Regina through Kathy. You are in our thoughts.... You are an amazing family and heroes to us!

Melina, mom to Levi dx with medullo in 9/2004

Anonymous said...

I am sending healing vibes to Regina. Hearing how brave she is made me change how I lived my life. She deserves to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Sending healing thoughts to you Regina!! Praying that God wraps in his arms and heals this terrible disease you are such a trooper!!! Family hugs to you all...Patty from Central California

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for Regina daily. Just know that we are all here for you. Keep singing, hugging and smiling Regina. God is watching over you!
With love,
The Reiley's

Sweet Dreams said...

Hi Diana and Nick,

I am preying and will have Joshua prey too for Regina as well.

I love to get her hugs, maybe I will try to go back to California sooner.


Pru said...

I'm so sorry. Do you want me to ask if Cody can come by? (dog therapy) Cody is smaller than Mo and works at CHOC 2 x's a month. email me, if so at:
Our thoughts and prayers to you and the family