Monday, March 23

I KNOW, it is time for a new update.

Regina is doing Really well:) No problems so far. eating, sleeping, playing, watching Tv, reading lot of books.
We went to CHLA today to get Reginas labs done. GRRRRRBRRRRURRRR. BLAH. YUCK.. Anyway, I was hoping that Reginas Platelets are about 100 000 by today, but no, they re not. They are about 72 000 - LOW to start her Cisplatin, CCNU and vincristine. DANG. I know I sound retarded, but I WANT HER ON CHEMO ALL THE TIME, which sadly is not an option. :(

Now we are going to wait another week. On Monday we get Reginas labs drawn, IF they are still LOW, then we will say Bye, Bye to this chemo and , welcome some new drugs into mix.(Tarceva at 85 mg/m2/day, oral cytoxan 50 mg PO Mon-Fri and Celebrex 200 mg PO BID)

It is not all sad. Regina really is doing Great. She is happy , she looks great, she acts pretty good, gives us hugs and kisses again. Takes good care of me ( Every time I cough - even a littlebit, SHE runs and gets me water :) AWWWW .

Also, on Friday we are going to Starlight Starbright gala- EXCITED. On Saturday we have 2 exiting events. Photo session in CHLA and and and--- ARE YOU READY FOR THIS------ NICKELODEON's Kids Choise Awards:D:D:D:D wohooooo:)
Finally , something SUPER exciting :)

Gabriel is doing better now, Since Nick is home. Listens better, acts better, does everything better:)

Myself I am kind of exhausted of doing nothing. I started doing weights in gym, and injured my sholder a little. very uncomfortable. I have to get back to My fave chiropractor, but have no desire to do so :( Just lazy:(


Anonymous said...

thank you for the updates... always wishing you the best.

Terri said...

Oh, Tyler is going to be so jealous that you guys are going to the Kids Choice Awards!!! :) Have a blast & take lots of pics & post them so I can show Tyler!!

Anonymous said...

we looked for you last night on tv... i hope you girls had an awesome time! share pics when you can! hope your day is fabulous!