Thursday, August 28


And we are back In orange county. Our flights from Estonia to Us were alright. I did manage to get myself blacklisted in Chicago O'Hare airport customs ... Infact- I brought to US 2 beautiful apples that I did not eat... So now, every time I travel most likely it will pop up- Check Dianas Luggage... She has suitcases full of red delicious apples... hmh.... Suddenly I feel very careful.

Regina did scare me couple of times. She started crying during take offs ( 3 times). she told me that her head and ears hurt. :( I was worried the whole time.
Luckily yesterday she had doctors appointment and everything looked fine. No ear infections , reflexes are fine. etc. Even her platelets had recovered. They were 70 000 and now they were 111000. Wohoo. I guess I have to start her on Oral chemo again. I stopped it while in Estonia due to scare that her platelets may drop below 70 000 and she may experience bleeding in her brain. .

Now, keep your fingers crossed for successful September 2nd MRI!!!!!!!

hope to see you soon again my US friends :)

Sunday, August 24


I own you a huge apology for not updating. My vacation in EESTI is over and is time to back my bags once again and head back to sunny Southern california. Regina had a blast playing with my brothers step daughter. Spending tons of time outdoors running away from bees and cruising with grandpa. She is vary sad right now. Really, really sad. She does not want to go back, and she already misses everybody.

I wanna go home, but part of me wants to stay here. I know that vacationing in Estonia versus living here is 2 completely different things, and since I really am not winter person for more than 3 days, I do not think that living here will be my cup of tea. But I will dearly miss my friends and relatives who cared enough to visit us. And I own a huge apology to those who I did not see since I really am not about to drive from house to house and show up with cake and wine and say Here I am, and I am not about to leave......

In General Regina did pretty well. She did spend lot of time being sick and today she started complaining headaches and weakness in her legs... But she seems completely fine right now. she has been walking, we went shopping ,.. she played computer games. etc.... We have doctors appointment on wednesday morning and MRI on september 2nd, late night. Until then I just have to keep my fingers crossed that reginas headaches are due to stress. Life sucks big time sometimes.

Anyway we will be in OC airport on August 26th 5.30'ish. Bye my friends and lovers.

Sunday, August 10

Regina has recovered from bronchitus. We went to local Er and she got some medications to take care of her cough and runny nose. They ran blood taste on her to check infection level, and her levels were off the roof, so she was but on antibiotics. ALSO her platelets are running little low 75 000, but as long as it is above 70 000 we are fine, if it falls under that, then we have to get her some platelets.

We have been eating a LOT,and I actually managed to loose 3 lbs. BUT , I know I am going to gain it back next week... few eating days are ahead:) We have been visiting friends, traveling different Estonian places and parting in general. I do have lots of fun stories, but sadly I do not have time to type much. We are always on the go. Regina has learned a lot of Estonian words and in General she is very happy here.:)

Talk to you all later. thank you for checking on us:) I hope your summer is fun.

Wednesday, August 6


We are still in Estonia and doing ok. Regina did care us for a minute. We were just talking about her that she is doing so well, and then out of nowhere she threw up... A LOT... When I went to clean up after her she told me something pretty disturbing. She told me that she thinks that she is not going to third grade after all, and she thinks she threw up because her tumor is back. She was very upset that she vomited. I explained her that everything is ok and she will be just fine.. And she is fine. I tested her vision, coordination, asked questions about pain... She is ok. No more vomiting after that incident week ago.

Now she has little cold. She has been coughing and has head cold... she has no fever or other issues... Just cough during daytime and boogery nose.. lol

Only thing that sucks about Estonia is bugs that bite... I have way to many bug bits in my body. Soon I need my personal

Regina is having fun and tells me that now that she is bigger , Estonia is more fun than ever before. :)

Friday, August 1

Hi from Southern Estonia. My apologies for those who are patiently waiting for updates. Sadly our village does not have internet connection and I have to drive few miles to get CONNECTED Weather is finally beautiful again. Sun is shining, birds are singing and it smells wonderful... Nature. Regina is doing great. No issues so far. She gets little bored at times, since no one speaks english with her, but she finds things to do. My brothers 7 year old step daughter is also at my moms house right now and Regina and her play together very well.
Also I want to apologize for not replying to your emails. There are times I can't log into my cox account or if I log in , I cant send out emails, in some weird wicked reason.

Ps. For those who wonder where Estonia is.. Find Findlan, Sweden, Baltic Sea..... then you most definitely will find Estonia. Tiny dot among other tiny dots.:)