Friday, August 1

Hi from Southern Estonia. My apologies for those who are patiently waiting for updates. Sadly our village does not have internet connection and I have to drive few miles to get CONNECTED Weather is finally beautiful again. Sun is shining, birds are singing and it smells wonderful... Nature. Regina is doing great. No issues so far. She gets little bored at times, since no one speaks english with her, but she finds things to do. My brothers 7 year old step daughter is also at my moms house right now and Regina and her play together very well.
Also I want to apologize for not replying to your emails. There are times I can't log into my cox account or if I log in , I cant send out emails, in some weird wicked reason.

Ps. For those who wonder where Estonia is.. Find Findlan, Sweden, Baltic Sea..... then you most definitely will find Estonia. Tiny dot among other tiny dots.:)

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Lennuk said...

So beautiful flower bouquet!!!! I want one! :)