Thursday, August 28


And we are back In orange county. Our flights from Estonia to Us were alright. I did manage to get myself blacklisted in Chicago O'Hare airport customs ... Infact- I brought to US 2 beautiful apples that I did not eat... So now, every time I travel most likely it will pop up- Check Dianas Luggage... She has suitcases full of red delicious apples... hmh.... Suddenly I feel very careful.

Regina did scare me couple of times. She started crying during take offs ( 3 times). she told me that her head and ears hurt. :( I was worried the whole time.
Luckily yesterday she had doctors appointment and everything looked fine. No ear infections , reflexes are fine. etc. Even her platelets had recovered. They were 70 000 and now they were 111000. Wohoo. I guess I have to start her on Oral chemo again. I stopped it while in Estonia due to scare that her platelets may drop below 70 000 and she may experience bleeding in her brain. .

Now, keep your fingers crossed for successful September 2nd MRI!!!!!!!

hope to see you soon again my US friends :)


Lennuk said...

Welcome back, Diana!
Seems like you had nice vacation!
I will keep my fingers crossed for Sep 2nd and hoping for good news!

Kathy said...

Beautiful photos and it looks like your trip was a good one.

I still plan to post photos of ours, soon.

We're praying for clear scans for Regina.

Anonymous said...

Loved your photos! The one with the tractor is just great!

Will definitely keep my fingers crossed for the Sept 2nd.

Maris & Co. from Chicago

Kathy said...

Thinking of you and praying for Regina's clear MRI-- I assume you won't be getting results until Wednesday.