Wednesday, August 6


We are still in Estonia and doing ok. Regina did care us for a minute. We were just talking about her that she is doing so well, and then out of nowhere she threw up... A LOT... When I went to clean up after her she told me something pretty disturbing. She told me that she thinks that she is not going to third grade after all, and she thinks she threw up because her tumor is back. She was very upset that she vomited. I explained her that everything is ok and she will be just fine.. And she is fine. I tested her vision, coordination, asked questions about pain... She is ok. No more vomiting after that incident week ago.

Now she has little cold. She has been coughing and has head cold... she has no fever or other issues... Just cough during daytime and boogery nose.. lol

Only thing that sucks about Estonia is bugs that bite... I have way to many bug bits in my body. Soon I need my personal

Regina is having fun and tells me that now that she is bigger , Estonia is more fun than ever before. :)


Lennuk said...

Uh, that must of scared you a lot!
I'm glad that she enjoys Estonia!
Have fun! Can't wait stories and photos!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Perhaps she ate something that didn't digest right in her tummy. Hope that nasty ole tumor isn't back.

Also hope the two of you can continue with your vacation and visit.

Joanna said...

That is a gorgeous photo of you Diana!!

Kathy said...

I hope that you and Regina are still having an awesome time.

Sometimes a headache is just a headache and sometimes throwing up just happens for whatever reason.

We just got back from Montana and Steven threw up twice, but he had a fever so I felt OK about it.

It's a very weird world we all live in.

Enjoy your time there. We're expecting to see you at Ride for Kids.