Sunday, August 10

Regina has recovered from bronchitus. We went to local Er and she got some medications to take care of her cough and runny nose. They ran blood taste on her to check infection level, and her levels were off the roof, so she was but on antibiotics. ALSO her platelets are running little low 75 000, but as long as it is above 70 000 we are fine, if it falls under that, then we have to get her some platelets.

We have been eating a LOT,and I actually managed to loose 3 lbs. BUT , I know I am going to gain it back next week... few eating days are ahead:) We have been visiting friends, traveling different Estonian places and parting in general. I do have lots of fun stories, but sadly I do not have time to type much. We are always on the go. Regina has learned a lot of Estonian words and in General she is very happy here.:)

Talk to you all later. thank you for checking on us:) I hope your summer is fun.

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad to hear you both are having a nice time. Sorry she was ill for a while, hope she improves quickly.

Hope hubby and Gabriel are getting along just fine.