Monday, February 20

To be continued....... San Francisco....

As you may now by now, we spent our presiden Its day in San Francsisco. It was long 9 hour car drive , but worth every minute.
Sorry, I did not update earlier this week. My laptop has some weird hardware problems, shuts down when feels like and starts typing in random places. I finally got a chance to use my dh's PC.
Regina and Gabriel were not very exited to be in San Francisco. They thought it was cold and not it is not fun. The wanted to hang out in hotelroom all day and play with pillows and blankets. But they did enjoy cable car ride and hanging out in restaurants. They also liked pier 39 because there were lots of people and cookie shop and ice cream shop. But yeah, if you ask from them how did they like SF, they would tell you- Not fun, Disneyland is more fun. So now they have been bugging me about me taking them to Disney. oh.
I think because of cold weather up there, Regina cought cold or somekind of bug, because she has been feeling down and lots of foods make her throw up.
She also has been complaning about her back pain and at sometimes she has to lye down to make herself feel comfy. Uh, I hate when she gets sick, or even feels down. She gets this sad, empty look in her eyes and there is nothing much we can do. So hope that this is some passing bug and that she feels better tomorrow.
If you want to read more about our SF trip check my PMS 24/7 blog

Wednesday, February 15

I want to brag...... My husband is THE best!!!! As you all know feb.14th is valentines day. I told my dh that I want to stay in and eat at home , so kids will not feel left out. And you know what my dh did??? He made me valenites dinner. Albacore tuna with asparagus and noodles( it was the best tuna I ever had- really!!!) and for dessert- lol , he was really creative with dessert. He made mango ice cream and fruit dessert ;) It was yummmmmm. Thanks for making valentines day so special( and oh,I forgot, before dinner I ate half a pound of Sees chocolates ( thanks Beth
:) )

Before dinner I took Regina to see Nanny McPhee. She really wanted to see this movie. I was surprised how good this movie really was. I thought it is going to be one of those really stupid movie, but 15 minutes into movie I started to get the message :) She also loved it.

Tuesday, February 14

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to
new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.
Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints
on our hearts, and we are never ever the same."
~ Flavia Weedn .

Friday, February 10

I've been tagged

4 Jobs I Have Held In My Life:
childrens art manager

4 Places I Have Lived:

Estonia, vorumaa
New Jearsey, Howell
California, Newport Beach
California, laguna niguel
4 TV Shows I Love To Watch:

  1. 1. Greys Anatomy
  2. CSI ( all of them)
  3. Law and order SVU
  4. Murder she wrote ( over and over again)

4 Places I Have Been On Vacation:

1. Estonia
2. Las Vegas

4 Websites I Visit Daily:

  1. 1.

4 Favorite Foods:

  1. Estonian potato salad
  2. smoked cheese sausages
  3. hardwood smoked pork with rind
  4. dark whole wheat/seed estonian bread

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. In Los Angeles, Univeral studios
2.In gym havaii
4.somewhere getting liposuction....

4 People I am tagging:
still working on it.

Thursday, February 9

To Kathy- Reginas hair is getting longer, and it is baby soft. Bold spot is huge ( much larger than stevens) and mostly in front of her head, so it is harder to cover .

Tuesday, February 7


Regina is doing good now. She still has congested cough. Friend of mine suggested that we would stop giving her milk for couple of days because dairy products cause more mucus. We'll see. I think it will be really hard for her to give up milk for few days. My kids live on milk. But whatever helps , we are willing to try.

Other than that we are pretty unactive. Kids are going to school,my husband spends hours on phone working and I clean or cook most of the time. I did start painting my family room. Last night I added one layer of primer, so now my family room looks peach. The color I want is orange- 2 more nights of hard work and it should be ready. :)

Friday, February 3

Just wanted to share...

...this cool pic of Regina blowing bubbles. :):):) And let you know that she is doing better. She is not coughing as much as she did few days ago and she has more energy to run and play :) She really wants to go to see Nanny McPhee but I think we wait until next week. This weekend is going to be kind of busy. Tomorrow I am all bymyself with kids. My dear husband Nianxiong Tan has to leave 6am to attend traffic school ( Ha-ha-ha-ha) and spend 8 hours there. That'll be fun, this is his third time in traffic school and it is all because of S P E E D I N G or trying to take over cops motosycle. lol He is funny....

Then on sunday we are going to attend superbowl party. It'll be my first superbowl party since nobody ever invited us and reason for that is because we do not watch superbowl, but that is about to change. At least I glue myself in front of TV during commercials......;)

Have fun weekend and I hope you all are doing great :) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 1

Seems like nothing works...

Regina was doing really good for a while. She stopped coughing and energy was good. Now, last night - well, after shcool she started coughing up on a storm. It was weird kind of cough - not dry, not congested, really weird. So I decided to keep her home today. Today her cough is about as bad as it was last night. She tells me that her arms hurt when she coughs( huh???). By now most of you know that every time my kids get even littlebit sick I HAVE to take them to see doctors, I am psycho mom who drags kids to doctors within minutes first symptoms of sickness show up.... I just want her cough go away, she has been coughing now over a month on and off. Sometimes I think there is something in our house that makes her cough...